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Delivering quality is vital and adds real value to our customers. 365 Healthcare adopts stringent internal compliance processes to ensure high quality products are sold and distributed to the UK and international healthcare markets.

365 Healthcare Quality Assurance ensures products are only manufactured at locations that meet rigorous ethical and quality assurance standards. All new suppliers are audited by our technical team in UK or Shanghai prior to manufacture. To ensure these standards are maintained, each manufacturing location is subject to ongoing technical audits.

A key aspect of the audit is to evaluate the manufacturers’ capability to monitor product quality. During manufacture, production samples are regularly tested against the agreed specification to ensure a consistency in quality and performance.

For certain product ranges, these production samples are also despatched to the UK for testing at our laboratory in Leicestershire in order to release the goods for shipment. Upon arrival at the warehouse, 365 Healthcare complete further internal testing prior to releasing the product into free saleable stock.

365 Healthcare also conduct regular independent testing as an ongoing process for all relevant products categories.

By adopting this ‘multi-layered’ approach to auditing suppliers and testing products, 365 Healthcare has been able to build relationships with a set of local and international production facilities that can deliver a consistently high quality products.

Quality Policy