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Zincpore Tape
(5 cm x 9.1 m)

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Size: 5 cm x 9.1 m

Pack: 6 or 60

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Premier Zincpore tape is non sterile, non stretch, latex free medical use self adhesive tape. 100% Cotton tape material with zinc-oxide based adhesive.

High tensile strength tape to support or immobilise joints and/or muscles. Does not tear, can be trimmed to the desired size.

Can be written on and sticks well to itself.

Always ensure skin is clean and dry before applying tapes, clip hair on the tape adhesion skin area if necessary.

Consider using a stretchable tape if there is a risk of swelling. Do not encircle an entire limb with tape, subsequent swelling may affect circulation. Replace or reposition tape if swelling, oedema or loss of tension in dressing occurs.

Always select a breathable tape where repeated taping is required, or the skin is fragile, this will help to reduce trauma/damage to the skin.

Intended Uses; Sports applications ? Strapping and taping injured joints where some degree of rigidity is required. Recommended for longer term applications as adhesive leaves some residue following removal.

Packaging: Inner Pack: 6. Outer Case: 60 (10 x 6).


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