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Silicone Foam Dressing (10 x 10 cm)

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Size: 10 x 10 cm
Pack: 10 or 200

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Pack Quantity: 10 or 200 (20 x 10)

365 Silicone Foam dressings are designed to manage moderately exuding wounds whilst minimising pain and trauma at dressing change. The hydrophobic layer of soft silicone enables
the dressing to adhere to the patient without sticking to newly formed granulation tissue. The wound contact layer is perforated with holes which enable the passage of exudate into the foam whilst protecting the wound bed. The thin layer of polyurethane foam absorbs and retains exudate preventing maceration of peri-wound skin.

Dressing Features
• Soft and conformable.
• Absorbs and retains exudate.
• Low friction thin film backing helps to prevent dressing lift.
• Semi-permeable film backing protects the wound against external contaminants and strike through onto bedding or clothes.
• Can remain in place for up to seven days.
• Can be used under compression bandages.

The self-adherent 365 Silicone Foam dressing maintains a moist wound environment for optimal wound healing. Atraumatic silicone wound contact layer allows the dressing to be changed without causing additional pain to the patient, or trauma to the wound or surrounding skin.

Benefits of 365 Silicone Foam Dressings
• Maintains a moist wound environment.
• Reduces trauma and pain during dressing changes.
• Self-adherent, silicone border eliminates the requirement for secondary fiaxation.
• Dressing can be repositioned on application or after visual inspection of the wound.
• Does not adhere to moist wound beds.
• Minimises the risk of peri-wound maceration.

Indications for Use
365 Silicone Foam is designed for a wide range of exuding wounds including:
• Chronic and acute wounds with light to moderate levels of exudate;
– Skin abrasions.
– Pre-tibial lacerations.
– Pressure ulcers.
– Leg ulcers.
– Post-operative wounds.
– Superficial burns.
– Donor sites.
– Traumatic wounds.
• Shallow, granulating wounds.

• Foam dressings are not suitable for arterial bleeds.
• Do not overlay or overlap foam dressings.
• Do not stretch the skin or dressings during application.
• Silicone is hydrophobic and will not adhere to wet skin.
• Discontinue use if the patient is allergic to silicone.
• Dressings can be left in place for up to 7 days, or until exudate is visible and approaches 1 cm from edge of the dressing pad, whichever is sooner.

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