Premier Sterile Gauze Swabs - Blue - 32 Ply - 10 x 10 cm (5 Swabs /Pouch - DW) - 365 Healthcare
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Premier Sterile Gauze Swabs
– Blue – 32 Ply – 10 x 10 cm
(5 Swabs /Pouch – DW)

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Size: 32 Ply – 10 x 10 cm
Pack: 72 Pouches (6 x 12)

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5 Swabs/Pouch. Double Wrapped (DW). Premier Gauze Swabs are ideal for non-invasive procedures such as wound cleansing, skin preparation (eg applying antiseptic) and primary/secondary wound dressing (padding and protection). For any application to an open wound Premier Sterile Gauze Swabs are recommended. Premier Sterile Gauze Swabs are supplied in peel open pouches with a large opening lip that enables easy opening (also when wearing gloves) and safe presentation of sterile products. All pouches contain 5 sterile swabs. Some gauze swabs are Double Wrapped (DW) for aseptic opening practices to minimise contamination risks. Premier Gauze Swabs are manufactured to strict standards ensure a consistent quality of gauze construction, absorbency levels and weight to make swabs that are soft, strong and highly absorbent . Made from 100% Cotton Gauze Type 13. Manufactured to BP EN 14079 standards. Range includes white, green (anaesthetics) and blue colour options. Swabs are designed for single use only. Important: Swabs are sterile. Do not use if pouch packaging is damaged. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Packaging: 12 Pouches or 72 Pouches (6 x 12 Pouches)


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