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Premier Detectors Non Sterile X-Ray Detectable Swabs
White – 12 Ply
10 x 10 cm

£127.30 ex VAT

Inner: 20 x Tied 5’s
Outer: 480 x Tied 5’s
(2,400 Swabs)


Premier Detectors X-Ray Detectable Swabs Gauze Swabs are manufactured to strict standards ensure a consistent quality of gauze construction and swab products. This ensures the swabs are are soft, strong and highly absorbent. They are designed for intra-operative use with the following features;
– Length and position of the red tie cord ensures easy removal of the swab bundle.
– Quality controlled at 3 stages during the manufacturing and packing process to ensure correct bundles of 5.
X-Ray Detectability
– Higher than EU standard requirements barium sulphate content (60-62%) ensuring maximum visibility on commonly used x-ray devices.
– For maximum patient safety, the x-ray detectable strips are securely attached using heat and pressure to provide a consistent adherence throughout the body of the gauze material.
– Metal detection testing is completed during the manufacturing process to ensure patient safety.

Made from 100% Cotton Gauze Type 13.
Manufactured to BP EN 14079 standards.
Range includes white and green (anaesthetics) colour options.
Swabs are designed for single use only.
Important: Swabs are NOT sterile. They can be sterilised using R or EO.

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Packaging: Inner Pack: 20 x Tied 5’s (100 Swabs). Outer Case: 480 x Tied 5’s (2,400 Swabs).


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