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365 Healthcare

365 Ported IV Dressing – Backing Liner Application
(10 x 12 cm)

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Size: 10 x 12 cm
Pack: 50 or 1,200

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Pack Quantity: 50 or 1,200 (24 x 50)

Individually wrapped, sterile, ported transparent dressing with gentle adhesive. Each dressing has 2 fixation strips.

The 365 Ported IV dressing with highest MVTR in the range at 300g / M2 / 24hr,  helps prevent the pooling of fluid under the dressing and any lifting of the dressing prior to removal.  Offers good visibility of the insertion site.  The dressing is shower proof, allowing the patient to shower with the dressing in place.  The dressing offers a sound bacterial barrier, whilst protecting the site from viruses and foreign liquids.

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