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Company Policies


COVID-19 Health & Safety Statement

365 Healthcare is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees as its first priority. A risk assessment has been conducted in accordance with Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19, which was issued on 11th May 2020.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Statement.



Modern Slavery Statement

365 Healthcare is a trading name of Bunzl Retail and Healthcare Supplies Ltd, a subsidiary of Bunzl plc. Bunzl’s current modern slavery statement, which is made in accordance with Section 54, Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Bunzl plc, its subsidiaries and operating divisions are taking with a view to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in Bunzl’s supply chain or in any part of its business, can be found here

Bunzl Modern Slavery Statement.



Environmental Policy

The Company has reviewed its' environmental performance and identified the business activities, products and services that interact with the environment. Our Environmental Management System provides a framework for setting environmental objectives and targets to help improve our overall performance.

We are committed to comply with all applicable environmental legislative and other requirements to which we subscribe and, within reasonable economic means, to:

• Avoid, reduce or control pollution

• Continual improvement of environmental performance

• Minimise the creation of waste and wherever possible establish a use for such waste

• Ensure, where practicable, all vehicles and equipment are as environmental and fuel efficient as possible

• Ensure, where practicable, efficiency in the use of energy, water and other natural resources

• Work with our supply chain to identify environmental opportunities

• Ensure our policy is communicated to our employees, suppliers, contractors and other interested parties

• We will note and take into account the views of the public and any other interested parties with respect to the environmental aspects of our operations and make this policy available to them.



Health & Safety Policy

The Company will do all that is reasonably practicable to safeguard the safety & welfare of all its' employees, and that of members of the public, contractors and temporary workers whose safety and health could be affected by the Company's work activities. The Company aims to:

• Comply with all relevant statutory requirements for health, safety and welfare.

• Actively promote safety awareness within the business by involving everyone in the workplaces - Management & Workforce - in order to create a culture that recognises the importance of achieving high standards of health & safety.

• Provide suitable and sufficient supervision, instruction and training to ensure the health & safety of all employees.

• Ensure that all the equipment provided for use in the workplace, including vehicles driven by employees, is in a safe condition at all times

• Provide safe systems of work for the handling, storage and movement of materials and substances.

• Provide safe means of access to and egress from places of work, which are under its control.

• Provide and maintain safe places of work where suitable control measures are in place to minimise the risks to the safety & health of all employees and visitors.

We all have equal responsibility for making and keeping our places of work safe, not only for ourselves but also our colleagues, outside contractors and our visitors. The co-operation and commitment of all employees is absolutely vital if we are to succeed in meeting and sustaining our Health & Safety goals.



Quality Policy

365 Healthcare is dedicated to a policy which ensures that its goods and services meet the quality and reliability expectations of its' customers as well as any statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our objective is to provide a service that satisfies customers' needs and exceeds expectations as far as practicable. Clear objectives have been set for key processes within the systems and performance is measured against this criteria.

A close working relationship is established with manufacturers/suppliers of our products and services in order to enhance overall performance. Particular emphasis is placed on continuous improvement by taking preventive measures coupled with timely and positive corrective action to eliminate problems.

It is our policy to reinforce our quality culture with systematic work procedures and controls developed to meet the requirements BS EN ISO 9001. These procedures and controls will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changing market conditions and needs of our customers.

It is the responsibility of management and all personnel in each of our locations to represent and execute our quality policy and procedures in the most professional manner. Furthermore, It is our responsibility to foster the quality culture, communicate this policy and provide the necessary resources, guidance and training for 365 Healthcare staff.



Employee Privacy Policy

This policy explains how we collect and use your personal information. Personal information is information that can identify you – for example your name, employee-number, email address or mobile phone number. Your personal information is an important asset for us and we aim to use it responsibly and to keep it secure.

Employee Privacy Policy