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Split Sheet Surgical Drapes

365 split sheet surgical drapes are designed to isolate unprepared areas from the surgical site. The end of the splits may be reinforced and/or surrounded by self-adhesive and/or an absorbent area. Split sheet surgical drapes are packaged for easy, aseptic application by one person.

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Please note 365 Surgical Gowns ranges have been updated and new product codes issued. Old product code information can be found with each new product code below. Alternatively, see 365 Healthcare New Surgical Drapes Codes Summary for more information.

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Code: 86-006365


£186.26 inc. VAT

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Pack size: 16

 In Stock

Code: 89-032365


£286.96 inc. VAT

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Pack size: 26 (2 x 13)

 In Stock

200 x 260 cm

Code: 89-031365


£198.67 inc. VAT

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Pack size: 56 (2 x 28)

 In Stock

150 x 200 cm

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