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Surgical Drapes

Most single use drapes used in an Operating Theatre environment are blue 2 and 3 ply material.

PE and clear draping is more popular for certain procedures such as Hip repairs and supplementary items such as Instrument Pouches.

We worked closely with a hospital to develop a self adhesive clear drape which could be used in a number of surgical procedures, as an anaesthetic screen or surgical drape, that gives greater visibility of the patient ensuring easy and close observation by clinicians during a surgical procedure.

The hospital is very pleased with the final product and are confident it aids in safeguarding patients' welfare in a critical care environment.

To find out more about our clear drape products, please see the following products, or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Transparent Drapes

36582007 Transparent Vertical Isolation Drapes

36582020 Transparent Vertical Isolation Drapes

89077/NS Transparent U Drapes

36589062 Transparent Lithotomy Leggings

36589040 Transparent Irrigation Pouches

89081/NS Transparent Tourniquet Aperture Drape

36589029 Transparent Suction & Diathermy Pouches

Transparent Incise Films

36588002 Incise Drapes 20 x 23 cm

36588005 Incise Drapes 90 x 68 cm

36588008 Incise Drapes 30 x 33 cm

36588014 Incise Drapes 45 x 43 cm

36588017 Incise Drapes 85 x 68 cm

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