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365 Healthcare Gowns Packaging Updates

Following our new 365 company branding last year, we're excited to be making some updates our Surgical Gowns range!

The product specifications and quality has not changed, but we are updating the product codes and descriptions. To find out more about product code updates see 365 Healthcare New Surgical Gowns Codes Summary or Shop 365 Surgical Gowns.

Whilst updating the codes we've taken the opportunity to;

1. Update Product Descriptions

We beleive the new descriptions will be more meaningful to users and help them better understand our products, ranges and their applications.  

2. Add Illustrations to Labels & Inserts

A picture speaks a thousand words as they say... our new illustrations will make it quicker for users to select the right product at the time of use.

3. Bolder Labelling of Gown Sizes

In busy environments, our new label design helps users quickly identify the right product. 

4. Add a Contents List

Making it quicker for users to be certain the selected product contains all they need. 

5. Improve Regulatory & GS1 Compliance Information

Our products meet and sometimes exceed regulatory standards, and over the last year we've worked hard to implement GS1 compliant systems and product information. Our new packaging better acommodates GS1 barcoding developments in a user friendly way.

We're confident our customers and end users will experience the benefits of the packaging updates. Feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and experiences.

Please see below example images of our original and new packaging designs. 

Original Packaging Design Example

365 Healthcare Gowns Packaging

New Packaging Design Example

365 Healthcare Gowns Packaging

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